Company: Up All Night Gourmet Goods

Ingredients: Honey, Carolina Reapers, Onions, Garlic, Vinegar, Water

Smell: This sauce has a super simplistic ingredient list which I value simplicity.  The aroma of this sauce is really mouthwatering.  You instantly get an upfront sweet, nutty, floral, and bright honey aroma which is quickly followed by the fruity and sweet notes of the Carolina Reaper peppers.  Those are the main aromas and stars of this sauce, but lurking behind it you do get a savory and garlicky background along with an ever so slight hint of vinegar tang.  

Pour: Unlike other hot honey that I have had in the past, this has the inclusion of vinegar and water to make it more of a hot sauce, allowing the sauce to be thinned out in terms of consistency, but still has a slight honey thickness.  

Taste: This is a delicious simplistic sauce.  As soon as the sticky honey coats your mouth, you get that nice sweet, nutty, and earthy honey flavor that is quickly followed by the fruity and sweet notes of the Carolina Reaper.  There are thick chunks of garlic and onion throughout the sauce to balance it out by giving a nice savory flavor to balance out the sweetness.  There is the perfect amount of Carolina Reaper in this sauce to make it hot but not scorching, as the sauce is primarily sweet and savory.  The vinegar helps give a nice tanginess.  Overall, this is a simple sauce, but is extremely well-executed and might be my favorite hot honey sauce yet.  This is a 9.5/10.  

Heat: Even with Carolina Reapers, this is a manageable and enjoyable burn.  I can’t wait to try this on pizza or chicken fingers!  A great dipping sauce.  I would give it a 6/10 on heat.

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