When we met, I think we both kind of just knew that we wanted to do some cool stuff together. What started out as a  catering company turned in to so much time spent brain storming about all of the possibilities before us. 

  One day we were at work, harvesting the last of the peppers from the restaurants small garden and Nick brought in the last of Trails End Farms peppers. We decided to make a smoked hot sauce just for fun and even gave it the god awful name Anal Annihilator. Of course we thought it would taste good but were not ready for how blown away we’d both be by how flavorful that sauce was. That sauce was so complex, so well balanced, smoky but sweet, spicy but didn’t wreck our palates. There weren’t many sauces that came to our minds that were on the market like it. That’s when the light bulb switched on and we realized we wanted to make hot sauce! 

  Our goal when we first started was to try and recreate that sauce but of course we didn’t write anything down so we had to recall from memory. We did our best and for the most part, were able to remember most of the ingredients. The end result of that first official test batch is what eventually became Super Soft. Although we may never be able to recreate the Annihilator, we are pretty damn proud of what came out of that experiment.

  When we got serious about the hot sauce direction we set up some ground rules for ourselves to set us apart from other sauces. Rule one, keep it fresh, with the exception of dried chilis for future sauces. Rule two, keep it as localized as possible! If we can grow it, we will. Rule three, all natural, no additives or stabilizers, not even xantham gum. We wanted to keep our sauces as honest as we could. 

  In the past year since the conception of this idea, we have stayed true to our core values. No matter how big our company gets, those ideals won’t waver and we are just so happy to be delivering these small batch, farm to bottle concoctions and even happier that people are enjoying them as much as we do!

22 09, 2021

Welcome Spicy Friends

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Welcome Spicy Friends, Up All Night would like to take this opportunity to thank all of YOU for supporting us thus far; purchasing sauce, merch, spreading the word, visiting our site, and liking/sharing our content on social media. It has been quite a ride and learning experience but we [...]


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